What do we offer you?

  • Proceso orgánico

    Comprometidos con la sostenibilidad, utilizamos materiales naturales y
    procesos respetuosos con el medio ambiente en cada etapa de producción.

  • Alta calidad

    Cada hilo, meticulosamente seleccionado, y cada nudo, habilidosamente
    tejido, dan vida a creaciones que superan los estándares de excelencia.

  • Aseroramiento

    Nuestros expertos trabajan contigo, brindando orientación personalizada en cada elección, desde el diseño hasta los materiales.


We offer you 1400 colors in NZ wool and Virgin wool

At Kaymanta, your vision comes to life with an exceptional palette of options. We offer the unique possibility of choosing between 1400 wool colors, allowing you to personalize every detail of your rug. Our expert advice will guide you through this process, ensuring that each choice reflects your unique style. Discover the wealth of options with Kaymanta: where customization reaches new levels. Transform your space with an explosion of colors in Madrid and Miami, designing your perfect


Enjoy the exclusivity of choosing between 320 viscose colors,
allowing you to create a unique masterpiece. Our advice
specialist will guide you through every step, ensuring that each tone reflects your distinctive style. Discover the wealth of possibilities with Kaymanta: where personalization rises to new heights. Transform your space with an exceptional color palette in Madrid and Miami, designing the perfect rug that reflects your uniqueness.


Explore your creativity with your choice of 300 captivating bamboo silk colors for your rug. This exquisite texture not only stands out for its exceptional quality, but also for an incomparable visual effect that adds a touch of luxury to any space.


At Kaymanta, we offer a unique customization experience, allowing you to choose from 100 captivating jute colors.

The texture faithfulness of this natural fiber is combined with a versatile palette that includes neutral and vibrant tones.


Explore your creativity with your choice of 300 vibrant colors of hard twist yarn, a highest quality yarn sourced from New Zeeland.

This unique fiber, worked in a special way, gives the rugs a distinctive texture and an extraordinary color palette.