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18 ene. 2022


** scroll down for English Cada vez somos más las personas y empresas concienciadas de la importancia de cuidar y re...

11 ene. 2022

ADN FORUM: debate sobre la importancia del Lujo Sostenible

En esta oportunidad os contamos sobre ADN Forum, un evento que reúne en un solo lugar tres áreas clave: arte, diseñ...

4 ene. 2022

Tencel, The latest generation fiber

This fiber that everyone is talking about has become a revolution in the textile sector. It has been with us since t...

21 dic. 2021

Deco trends 2022

We conclude this year 2021 to give way to a new stage in our lives, a new year full of illusions, projects and goals. But just as purposes evolve, so do trends. What will 2022 have in store for us in the decorative area?

13 dic. 2021

Winter palette

Temperature goes down and days get shorter... Winter is here! And if you want to know how to add the winter palette to your space, keep reading..

7 dic. 2021

Art Basel Miami Beach 2021

We had the opportunity to visit one of the most famous contemporary art fair worldwide, Art Basel. We're sharing our top 5 from this 2021 edition in Miami Beach.

1 dic. 2021

Effortless Chic Trend

This new trend known as the Effortless chic, comes from the fashion style that is based on dressing in a casual, uninterested way. Keep reading if you want to know how to incorporate it to your home.

15 nov. 2021

Virgin wool vs. New Zealand wool

In Kaymanta we provide you with both qualities, but what is the real difference between them? En Kaymanta te ofrecemos ambas calidades pero, ¿cuál es realmente la diferencia entre ellas?

8 nov. 2021

The Aromatic Pleasure

Home decor trends are becoming more prevalent every day. Colors, textures, patterns, accessories and other visual elements are indispensable to create an attractive and pleasant atmosphere. However, we shouldn't forget the remaining senses, such as the sense of smell.

29 oct. 2021

Cittadella Collection by Manuel Espejo

We present our latest fall/winter 2021 collection, named "Cittadella" and created in collaboration with the great Spanish interior designer Manuel Espejo.

29 oct. 2021

Mixed Patterns [ an AD issue ]

AD Spain's online magazine has a section we absolutely love called "Does your interior designer love you or hate you?". It's a fun way to figure out what trends are coming back and which ones we should be leaving behind.

11 oct. 2021

Fall Palette

We say goodbye to the dear summer and welcome fall with open arms for another year. The possibilities of incorporating the fall hues into your home are endless!
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