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| Sauce Design| 

Sauce Design
100% Natural Cowhide Rug - Patchwork Style
Patches: 4x4" - 6x6" - 8x8" - 10x10" - 12x12"
Design: Sauce
Code: PC-518
Colors Available: White - Sand - Camel - Light Grey - Grey 
Iron - Brown - Chocolate - Black
Customization on color and size is available
Sauce Design
White Color
Patch 8"




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Available Sizes:  
M: 6 x 8 Ft. approximately   
ML: 6 X 9 Ft. approximately  
L:  8 x 10 Ft. approximately  
XL: 9 x 12 Ft. approximately
Back: Felt cloth
Construction: Handmade
Technique: Crafted
| Durable and easy to maintain 
| Shaken out and vacuumed on a low setting 
| Not shed and are stain repellent by quality of pure hides 



Sauce Design
White Color
Patch 4"
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