OTOMANA SAUCE [ Verde esmeralda ]


Our Sauce Design ottoman, is made of 4¨square patches and 100% made of natural materials. It will give you the space modern touch you've been looking for. This special design is beautiful emerald green.

This ottoman has been properly tanned and will not fall off under normal wear. It has a clean luster and superior tanning process that provides supply and longevity.

The size is about 1 inch and may vary.


✔ Patch: 16 per side
✔ Color: Emerald green
✔Dimensions: 16 "W x 16" H x 16 "D
✔ Construction: Handmade
✔ Weight: 15.5 lbs.
✔ Note: the color may change due to the nature of the material

✔ Durable and easy to maintain
✔ No, and tainted by pure hidden quality