Jute rugs for the Summer

Jute rugs for the Summer

Jute rugs have definitely won their place in our hearts. They’ve been in tendency for the past years and may be one of your best allies in the warmest season. They are ideal to use all year round but specially in the summer as they decorate your space and still manage to make it look fresh and natural.

And, despite what most people think, they don’t have to look all the same. There is a wide variety of designs but it all depends on how they are braided. There are thicker or thinner braids, in herringbone, in knots or in loops. If you want to make it look more cozy or delicate you can choose a rug that mixes jute and other natural materials like wool or silk.

If you want to personalize it even more, choosing a color other than the classic natural tones is a fantastic option. Black and white elevate the design even more; and tones like yellow, green or blue are a fun alternative. Just be creative!

It is definitely the fiber of the moment and it’s also a very versatile material for a rug. Organic jute is a great option for a rustic and outdoorsy look and can be used outside as long as it’s placed under a roof. They are a soft fiber that’s durable and not difficult to clean.

In Kaymanta we offer a complete handmade jute rug collection with different designs and styles, as well as up to 20 colors to choose from.

Official photos by Paloma Pacheco

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