Cittadella Collection by Manuel Espejo

Cittadella Collection by Manuel Espejo

We present our latest fall/winter 2021 collection, named "Cittadella" and created in collaboration with the great Spanish interior designer Manuel Espejo.

The "Cittadella Collection", which in Italian means "citadel", originates from the passion for design combined with the love for the city. The essence of the collection focuses on the beauty of the urban, which is why iconic buildings of Madrid, the city where the collection was born, have been taken as inspiration for the designs.

This new collection, as well as the previous ones, is made up of four unique designs whose names, together with the name of the collection, follow the same phonetic line.

Capitol inspired by the side facade of the Capitol building, also known as the building of the illuminated Schweppes advertisement on Gran Via.


Cristal named after one of the "Four Towers of Madrid", which is also the tallest building in Spain.


Caleido, based on the exterior design of the new building that joins the "four towers", also known as the fifth tower.


Kio takes inspiration from the iconic leaning towers of Plaza Castilla.

Just like in past collections of the brand, all the designs of this collection will be made following the production standards for which Kaymanta is known; artisanal and handmade production under strict organic and sustainable processes.

Cittadella is available at our website and store located at Calle Hermosilla 44 in the Salamanca area of Madrid, as well as in our pop-up store at Calle Piamonte 15 in Madrid. It is also available at our showroom in Ft. Lauderdale.


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