Bamboo Silk

Bamboo Silk

We're sure you've heard about the material "bamboo silk", but has someone told you what a good material it is for luxury rugs? We're here to tell you a bit about it and hope we convince you to include a bamboo silk rug in your space. Keep reading...

Bamboo silk is the name given to a silk made from a mix of viscose and fibre removed from bamboo stalks. A good thing about this is that bamboo is very easy to grow, so it makes a great material that looks like expensive silk but has a more affordable price. It is also extremely durable and has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties.

This beautiful and soft material creates a light weight and durable rug that, depending on the design and color, can fit any space and style you desire. It's also a great match when paired with New Zealand wool, using the wool as a base and then the silk for the details or the pattern of the design itself.

Bamboo silk is more elegant and pleasing to the touch than wool, and also has a natural sheen to it that looks beautiful in rooms with a lot of natural light. The natural shine of the bamboo silk will make the design stand out even more.

All of Kaymanta's bamboo silk rugs are made from organic materials and are 100% handmade in a vast variety of colors. So... did we convince you to add a bamboo silk rug to your space?


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