PARIS [ 6' 5¨x 9'8¨ ]


Made entirely by hand in 100% Lana Virgen, the Paris carpet has a white base and a double ribete in black and blue oil.
With a cut in each tip, this design is very contemporary and ideal for any environment.

This carpet is available for immediate shipment.

All of our carpets are made of high quality material carefully selected and elaborated by a careful ecological process. The carpets are an essential complement in the decoration of any environment, providing design and warmth.

The sizes are approximate and can vary until2 cm due to its artisanal character.


Height: 13 to 15 mm.
Colour:White, Blue, Black
Texture: Virgin wool
Measure: 6' 5¨x 9'8¨ 
Anti-mites: Yes
Antimoth: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes
Technique:Tufting by hand
Delivery time:3 to 5 days