MANHATTAN [ Sand ] 8'x 10'

€2.088,00 EUR

This kind of hand-made natural sand denim with rough area is introduced. This geometric design is called Manchester. It will add a great touch to any style selection.

Our hidden hair is cobbled together coarsely from organic cattle, with cushions and natural materials. This fluffy hair has been properly tanned and will not shed under normal wear and tear.

Manhattan's design has a clean sheen and tanning foot with superior craftsmanship that provides supply and long life.

The size is about 2 inches and may vary.


✔ Color: Sand
✔ Size: 8'x 10 '

✔ Back: felt
✔ Construction: Handmade
✔ Note: the color may change due to the nature of the material

✔ Durable and easy to maintain

✔ Suitable for residential and traffic heavy areas
✔ Wobble, vacuum at low settings
✔ No, and tainted by pure hidden quality