IMPERIUM [ 8'5¨ x 12'1¨ ]


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The carpet design Imperium, is made entirely by hand by our craftsmen and is one of our best sellers. The piece is made in 100% fine wool.

Carpet available for immediate delivery.

All our carpets are made with high quality material carefully selected and elaborated through a careful ecological process. Carpets are an indispensable complement in the decoration of any environment, providing design and warmth.

Sizes are approximate and may vary up to2 cm.


Height: 15 to 17 mm.
Color: White
Measure: 8' x 10'
Material: Fine wool
Anti-mites: Yes
Anti-moth: Yes
Flame retardant: Yes
Delivery time:4 to 5 days
Personalization: Yes. Available up to 1400 colors and in any size

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* Rotate the carpet every 3 months to prevent uneven discoloration and wear. * Vacuum as needed in one direction (not forward and backward) using suction only, no bristles. Read more