Hyperion is the name of the tallest tree and creature on earth, a 115.55-meter-high redwood tree in Redwood National Park in Northern California. We got the inspiration to design this carpet.
The colors are handmade from pure wool and customized for Somos2studio in its 2021 home decor space.

All our carpets are made of carefully selected high-quality materials and are made through careful ecological processes. Carpet is an indispensable supplement to any environmental decoration, providing design and warmth.

The dimensions are approximate and may vary until2 centimeter.


Height: 15 to 17 mm.
Color: Beige/Blue
Texture: 100% Wool
Anti-Mite: Yes
Mothproof: Yes
Fire prevention:Yes
Delivery time: 
45 days.

The price includes VAT

Watch your carpet

Turn the carpet every 3 months to avoid uneven discoloration and wear Use single suction, brushless in one direction (not forward and backward) as needed. Read more