The garden of the delights


OnCasa Decor 2021,Laura Gärna, together with Enrique García, is the one in charge of giving life to the wonderful entrance of Canalejas 3. with the name ofThe Garden of Delights,work of El Bosco, Laura has imagined theDecor house entranceAs a garden that colonizes the house and that houses various works of art and for them we have built the incredible carpet that covers all the entry of the building.

The garden of delights, like area carpet, arises from a small portion of the splendid carpet of 140 MT2 created for the occasion.

Available in 3 standard measures, however, measurement customization is possible by expanding the pattern to the original design created for such an important event.


Height: 10-13 m.
Colour:Green, butter, pink and orange
Material:Bamboo viscose and NZ wool
Measure:1.80 x 2.40 / 2.40 x 3.00 / 2.70 x 3.60Mt.
Flame retardant:Yes
Technique:Loom by hand
Delivery time:8 weeks except pieces in inventory.