Tidal design [2.00 × 3.00 MT]

€1.140,00 EUR


Tide design carpet is one of our best selling Abstract collections The same painting, left by the tide, consists of seven colors.

Carpet for immediate delivery

The carpet, made of 400 bottles recycled per square meter, can withstand all traffic and stains.

Carpet is an indispensable complement to any environmental decoration, providing design and warmth.

The size is approximately, and may change to2 centimeter.


Height: 15 to 17 mm
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Delivery time:Within 48 hours after receiving the goods.
Custom: -Yes Available in 14 colors and any color

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Watch out for your carpet

Turn over the carpet every three months to avoid uneven bleaching and wear. When necessary, adsorption in one direction (not forward and backward), without zero. Read more