CORAL [8' x 10' ]



The Coral Design carpet is made of loom by hand and has great softness for its high quality of Virgin Wool.

The base material is dyed by a technique that we call "brushing" so the color achieved is not full solid, but has a very showy finish as you can see in the photographs.

Carpets are an indispensable complement in the decoration of any environment, providing design and warmth.

Sizes are approximate and may vary up to 2 cm.


Height: 15 to 17 mm.
Colour: Camel
Measurement: 8' x 10'
Anti-mite: Yes
Anti-dust: Yes
Technique: Loom by hand
Delivery time: The shipping time is 48 hours.
Customization:Yes. Available up to 1400 colors and in any measure (consult).

Prices shown include VAT


• Rotate the carpet every 3 months to avoid uneven discoloration and wear. • Vacuum as needed in one direction (not forward and backward) using only suction, no bristles. Read more