KAYMANTA, is a company dedicated to the manufacture of luxury handmade rugs.
Our marketing is carried out through commercial representatives, stores and online sales.
At KAYMANTA we are deeply convinced that people adequate They are our greatest asset, which is why we value people with a lot of energy, who have the ability to transmit their energy to others. Creative, intelligent people with well-trained criteria. People willing to put their attention on the solution and who don't linger over the problem. Motivated, determined people who will not accept a noas a reply. We highly value team players, people who are more concerned with what it is Right who is right.

Open positions:

1) Administrative assistant (ship) Las Rozas de Madrid.

2) Clerk (store) Madrid.

If you think you can join our team and make a career in our company, send us your CV and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an interview: career@kaymanta.com