Ellas Home and Contract Rug Collection by Fabian Niguez for Kaymanta

It is an honor for us to inform you of the launch of our new fall/winter 2020 collection. A collection named "Colección Ellas, Home and Contract" and which we have made in collaboration with the renowned Spanish interior designer Fabián 'íguez.


His first collection for Kaymanta epitomizes the aesthetics of his designs: bold, daring and glamorous. It is based on the foundations of "interior design tailoring" and the importance of conscious luxury as the key to a necessary sustainable future. Therefore, each of the carpets will be made according to all The Quality Standards of Kaymanta, and under strict organic processes to ensure the sustainability of the collection at the ethical and environmental level.

The collection consists of four designs inspired by "Ellas", the women who have passed through their lives and who have left in Fabian a sincere and deep mark. "They": bold, optimistic, energetic, protective, lovers, perceptual, intuitive, wonderful. "They," mothers, daughters, grandmothers, strong and shocking women. Each of these designs is born of a woman, real or ideal, and in them the nature of them is reflected. Each of the designs has its home and contract version (area carpets and carpets), in order to meet all the needs of our outstanding clientele