Raul Martins reinterprets luxury with wicker and neutral

This article, published in an advertising magazine, shows our carpets, especially one we want to highlight: our Australian design.

Australian carpet design company Eliza munios' article on Raul Martins

Located in an ancient palace in the heart of Madrid, this apartment shows that luxury without noise means peace. The use of wicker and neutral palette is a great ally.

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Although the lyric District of Madrid has changed a lot since Baron delajoosa owned the palace here in the 18th century, the spirit of the area and the house are still the same; the interior theorist Raul Martins knows this well, and he has done the same thing for the pilot apartment before decorating it, About a year ago, Knight Frank real estate company He sold it. Be the owner and CEO of a well-known enterprisestart-upfromcrowd-funding"The nature of the project is marked by the customer," he said. I'm looking for a quiet decoration. "It has a neutral palette, handicrafts, natural textures, no colors, Mediterranean spirit," Martins explained. The house is transparent, modern, open floor, with few walls, from the balcony to the main facade. The exterior walls retain the traditional architecture of the palace, with gardens, a courtyard with fountains, a gym and a robot garage. Prudent and practical luxury.

The lounge conveys this idea of tranquility through the irregular shapes of wickers and various elements, such as mirrors and terrazzo tables. Zara houseYeah. Because another characteristic of this internalism is that it shows that the expected results can be achieved without spending too much money. A wicker chair was padded on the arm Gul ramaderidIt is always synonymous with elegance and difference. The black strokes and metal parts bring a lot of personality to this hotel.

The photo of Gabriel asdrubar is also important in the house. At the entrance, one of them carries a 1960s shell Ortega sideboard, and in the dining room, a snapshot of them hosts the table. There, people chose a simple table and focused on chairs with contrasting shapes and colors. Complete a black and white geometric carpet scene Kemanta.

Raul Martins's studio designed furniture: from the sofa in the living room to the light on the kitchen bar. The wicker came to the bedroom with the bench at the foot of the bed and the Berenice mirror on the paper. coordinateAt the head of the bed. In this house, the carpet comes from the floor Kemanta textile industry The creation of housesYeah. "Our idea is that the house should have the same language and color, which would be quiet and not harsh," said the internalist, who knew he had done it.

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