Peach Nougat

The color "Peach Nougat" has come to stay. We'll talk you a little about this tone that has managed to enter many homes and become a must in the time of autumn-invitenot of this year.

Keep reading to discover it with us.

This unique color is neither a salmon nor a dusty rose; it's probably at a midpoint between these two colors. It's a warm, casual tone that, used correctly, will make your spaces look more welcoming.

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Combined with shades like burgundy or green bottle is a guaranteed success, but if what you want is to give more clarity to your room, the white and beige will be a better option.

You can add it to your stay in many ways; occupying an entire wall, in a large piece like a sofa or armchair or in small doses as in accessories such as cushions, lamps or pictures.


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The wallpaper has made a comeback, and if it's with Peach Nougat shades, it's more than welcome! Our favorite way to add it in a space like a bedroom or a living room is through cushions that make a small contrast that calls attention.

In short, this color is ideal for those who feel like experimenting with a new and different range but without risking much. And you, dare you experiment in 2021?

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