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With great pride, we see our work on the incredible cover (and content) of the Interior Magazine of the month of May, where you can find the complete report to the renowned Interior Architect, Raul Martins.

Carpet design Principal by Raul Martins. Kaymanta Collection

Raul opens the doors of his home and shows us all the glamour with which he has decorated his home. For our pride they look there, the rugs he himself has designed for our brand. On this text, the Carpet Design Main of an impeccable geometry combining wool and silk. The pattern is realized in on-relief by giving volume to the surface.

 Carpet design Huila by Raul Martins. Kaymanta Collection

All the carpets of the Collection by Raul Martins are made by hand and with the highest quality of wool and silks. In the photo (above), the design Huila, a carpet that combines Lana and Silk in a very feminine pattern and a lot of elegance.

Carpet design Cangajos by Raul Martins. Kaymanta Collection

In this last photo, we see the Carpet Design Cangajos, also part of the Collection by Raul Martins, whose geometric pattern is a game in which they face and intermix geometries.

More details in digital editing or paper already in kiosks.


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