Mixed Patterns [ an AD issue ]

Mixed Patterns [ an AD issue ]

AD Spain's online magazine has a section we absolutely love called "Does your interior designer love you or hate you?". It's a fun way to figure out what trends are coming back and which ones we should be leaving behind.

This specific issue touches the subject of "Mixed Patterns". They discuss whether different patterns can actually coexist in the same room or environment and how to achieve a stylish look in your space without making it look messy.

They illustrate different examples using spaces from well known interior designers.  One of them is our beloved Fabián Ñíguez the author of one of our collections of rugs, "Ellas Collection".

Some of the patterns they mention are the ones in this collection, the Catalina, Eulalia, Hesperia and Fiona designs. All of these designs are available in our website and can be personalised in any way you want, we're talking color, material and size.

Fabián says "To mix patterns well you should incorporate them in different sizes. You can look for a dominant pattern with a large print and combine it with others of smaller sizes. You can also use themes in similar colors because if they are too different they can overwhelm and make a room feel chaotic. Using color schemes within the same tonal family or color palette can create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Mix solid colors from time to time to break up the aesthetics of your choice of prints and not saturate"

He continues saying "Be very careful when mixing, while there are some simple unwritten rules for combining prints and patterns (stripes work well with floral prints, ikat patterns rarely work with polka dots), they won't work for every single room design, nor for everyone's tastes.  Sometimes finding which prints go best with others is a matter of trial and error."

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