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Fall Palette

Fall Palette

We say goodbye to the dear summer and welcome fall with open arms for another year.

We swap the bikini for boots, the hat and sunglasses for umbrellas and raincoats, and the ice cream for coffee or tea. What was once green now becomes a sea of oranges, reds, browns and yellows. Shades of nature that we bring into our lives and that inspire our daily lives. We see them present in our clothes, in shop windows and also in our homes.

The possibilities of incorporating the fall hues into your home are endless! From a farmhouse style brown kitchen, to a living room with touches of red, green or yellow. 

The great thing about brown is that you can easily play with its shades and create a totally monochromatic space with a variety of tonalities that resemble the fall foliage.

photo via Elle Decor

And a monochromatic space is not synonymous of boredom or dullness. The key here is to have fun with materials, patterns and textures. You have no idea what a rug, lamp or throw pillows can do - let your imagination run wild!

 photo by Kaymanta  |  Galicia design

But it's not all brown and yellow; in the decorating world blue has become a go-to color when it comes to fall. Besides, shades like cobalt blue or Klein blue go very well in contrast with warm colors like brown, copper or orange. Do you dare to experiment?

photo via Elle Decor

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