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11. Okt 2021

Fall Palette

We say goodbye to the dear summer and welcome fall with open arms for another year. The possibilities of incorporating the fall hues into your home are endless!

21. Jul 2021

New opening in Naples [ Distinctive Gallery Rugs ]

As a family company, we in Kaymanta believe in teamwork and doing everything with passion. We’re a business that, sin...

5. Jul 2021

Bamboo Silk

We're sure you've heard about the material "bamboo silk", but has someone told you what a good material it is for luxury rugs? We're here to tell you a bit about it and hope we convince you to include a bamboo silk rug in your space. Keep reading...

5. Jul 2021

Rugs 101: How to pick your ideal rug

Choosing a rug can be a challenging task for some, that's why we've created a little and simple guide to help you choose the ideal rug for your space.

15. Jun 2021

Jute rugs for the Summer

Jute rugs have definitely won their place in our hearts. They’ve been in tendency for the past years and may be one of your best allies in the warmest season. They are ideal to use all year round but specially in the summer as they decorate your space and still manage to make it look fresh and natural.

11. Jun 2021

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Casa Decor 2021

We will present in more detail one of our collaborations for this edition of Casa Decor 2021 in Madrid, Spain. It is ...

22. Apr 2021

Ikonische Gebäude in Miami

Miami, Kaymanta's second home is filled with amazing architecture. We've selected some of our favorite buildings in the Miami area to share with you. Keep reading to see these beautiful structures.

10. Apr 2021

Cuatro Torres Business Area Madrid

Madrid, as many European cities, is known for preserving a lot of cultural and historic buildings and for maintaining that renaissance architecture vibe throughout the years. But that doesn't mean every building is old or boring...

25. Mär 2021

Conscientia Collection

What if we told you that you could have our exclusive designs in your home while contributing to the environment? Yes it's possible, with our latest Conscientia Collection.

17. Mär 2021

Rindsleder Area Teppiche

  Hunderte von Jahren lang konnte die Menschheit kein besseres Material als Leder finden, um sich vor dem Klima zu sc...

10. Mär 2021

Frauen in der Industrie

Um den Internationalen Frauentag im März 8 zu feiern, haben wir beschlossen, eine Liste der inspirierendsten Frauen in der internationalen Dekorations- und Innenarchitektur zu erstellen.

2. Mär 2021

Style colorful Sofas

When we entscheidet sich to schmücke Sofa the common spaces in our homes we know that the is going to be the center of attention. Most of us tend to lesen neutro Colors like white towards, gray, Beige, brown or black when choosing in Sofa, pflügen Sie Farbe but we here to convince you to experiment with in bold instead.
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