Female inspo in the industry

Female inspo in the industry

In honor of March 8, International Women's Day, we have decided to make a list of the women who most inspire us in the world of decoration and interior design internationally. And even though they all deserve a mention, we have made a great selection of them and some of their amazing work.

Kelly Wearstler

This interior designer is highly praised in the industry internationally, and might be one of the most coveted of our times. She has her own design firm founded in the mid 90s and built a reputation in California within the hotel industry. Kelly says her style is about mixology; always something old and something new, raw and refined, masculine and feminine. She has designed for clients such as Gwen Stefani and Cameron Díaz.

Photos of different projects from kellywearstler.com

Sussanne Khan

Moving to another side of the world is Sussanne Khan, well known interior designer in India. She has her own design firm and opened the first interior fashion design store in India, the Charcoal Project, in Mumbai.

Photos of different projects from AD magazine and Khan's website

Patricia Urquiola

Born in Oviedo, Spain, now based in Milan, Patricia Urquiola is most known for her commercial projects and furniture designs. She founded her own studio in 2001. Along her design process she always think of spaces or objects in relation to the people who are going to interact with them.

Photos of different projects from patriciaurquiola.com

Jennifer Post

Jennifer's designs are best known for being on the classic side, that means lots of white and neutrals. Her style creates elegant modern homes with a contemporary touch. Jennifer Post has designes spaces for celebrities like Jennifer López and Simon Cowell.

Photos of different projects from jenniferpostdesign.com

Ele Room 62

Inmaculada Recio and Silvia Trigueros both have been in the interior design business for some time now. They founded Ele Room 62 in Madrid, Spain and have now formed a great reputation among other professionals in the industry. This is one of their projects using one of Kaymanta's designs.

Photo from Ele Room 62's Instagram

The Carrillo sisters

A family company now formed by sisters Lola, Carmen, Victoria and Laura. All four of them have inherited the value of craftsmanship and a strong initiative that has led them to consolidate their company with a personal creative line. They work, design and decide together; creating interiors that leave an unmistakable seal of professionalism and character. Now here are some pictures of different projects by Carrillo Interior Design using some of Kaymanta's rugs.

Photos from Carrillo Interior Design's Instagram

The Alia sisters

Miriam and Nuria Alia are sisters with the same direction in mind, they are both very well known interior designers in Spain. They have individuals  They are known in Spain an internationally for their characteristic use of pastel colors. They founded together, and alongside their friend Patricia Bustos, a designing firm called Living Pink. 

Here's their latest work with one of Kaymanta's rugs, the Itaca design.

 Photos from AD Spain magazine



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